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I am making this sweater on Medium (second one).
At Shaping and Armholes is the explanation how to inc for the V-shaping middle section. But I don’t understand it.
I see I have 172 st, and at the end I must have 228 st. That’s just 56 inc, and at two sides it is 28 times. But at which rows??? Maybe my english isn’t goog enough, and is it clear to you.
I hope get an answer.


These directions can be confusing. Increase on the next row, call it row 1 and then on every 6th row until you have increased a total of 56sts. That’s increasing on rows 7,13,19,25,31,37, etc.
Any direction with a 0 or a - for your size is skipped.
When your work measures 31cm from the cast on, mark the row for the armholes.

Thank you very much, I can go on…

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