Sweater Help

Just realized I made the back of a baby sweater one size and the fronts of the sweater up a size. I have 4 extra stitches on both fronts. Will this be a problem? The button bands are going to make the front of the sweater a lot bigger than the back of the sweater. Any suggestions or do I have to start over?

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That’s a tough question. It depends on how much too big and how complicated the pattern stitch is. If you think the sweater would work without the buttonbands, you might sew ribbons on the fronts and use them for closures.
For myself, I’d have to re-knit part of the sweater, maybe the back.
I’m sorry for the mistake. Unfortunately, we’ve all had things like this happen.

Thanks so much! I think I know what I have to do, I was just hoping maybe there would be another option.