Sweater help

I just started knitting a sweater on circular needle and I just remembered about the sleeves.
I was wondering does anyone know how to add sleeves on a sweater on circular knitting needles?
Please help

How are you knitting this sweater? Top down, bottom up? And can you post a link to the pattern or are you winging this one?

I’m knitting this bottom up and I am just winging this.

Well, patterns sometimes have you knit the body in the round to the bottom of the armholes, bind off some number of sts on opposite sides and then continue back and forth on the front while you hold sts out for the back. When the front in finished, you’d work with sts for the back in the flat. You can knit the sleeves in the round from the cuff up or you can pick up sts at the armholes and work in the round (or flat) down to the cuff.
Take a look at some patterns online and see if there’s a way that appeals to you.

That’s what I thought. So if you want to continue knitting in the round, you can do the sleeves and join them to the body and do raglan decs. You’ll have 3 tubes - oOo - and where they touch is the underarm. Leave a few stitches there on holders on the body and sleeves then knit the front sts, knit the sts from one of the sleeves, knit the back sts, then the other sleeve all onto one needle. It helps to put on markers at the 4 points between the sections. The next round, do 2 decs at each marker, one before and one after. Then do a plain round and decreases the next and every other round until you have the number of sts you want for the neck.

well what i did was bind off 14 stitches on both sides.
so know when i’m trying to knit it’s making a piece of yarn on top.
i messed up, I know, but i dont know what to do.
please reply and help

You could use a new end of yarn. If you have a picture or two of where you’re at that will help.

You bound off 14sts on opposite sides for the armholes? I don’t know your gauge but it kinds sounds like a lot to bind off for the underarm.
Anyhow,once you’ve bound the sts off, don’t try to cross over the bound off sts. Just work back and forth on the section that has the yarn attached (if that’s the way you’re going to make the front and back). Leave the other stitches on a stitch holder or some scrap yarn until you finish the back. Then you can work the front.