Sweater help?

Hey guys,

I’m knitting a sweater for the first time and am confused with knitting around the bust, here is what is says

K18,ssk,k5, k2tog,k3,bind off 12,k2,ssk,k34,k2tog,k3,bind off 12,k2,ssk,k5,k2tog, k18- 28 active sts each front, 42 back sts resting

What are the active and resting sts? This is confusing me, it doesn’t say to put any sts back, like on a stitch holder, all my sts are on the same needle, seems like they are all ‘active’ sts?

Thanks for the help!!

You may only be continuing to work on part of the sts, the others will just sit on the circs until it’s their turn to be knit. You may work only on the fronts or one front first, then go to the back sts. I wouldn’t overthink the terms, it’s descriptive, even though it’s unusual, but go on to the next part of the pattern.