Sweater help

I’m almost done with this sleeveless turtleneck for my wife, but I’ve run into a bit of a snag, I had her try it on, and she can’t fit her head through the turtleneck part, even though I followed the directions. Any suggestions on how I can rescue this, or should I chalk this up to education?

Is she getting stuck at the bind off or where the neck meets the sweater?

If it’s the bind-off, I’d take that out and bind off more loosely with larger needles. If it’s at the neck, I’d unravel down to where I picked up the stitches and pickup more.

She’s getting stuck at the bind-off, and how large of needles should I go? that was done with a size 6, so go 2 sizes bigger?

My CO’s are pretty tight, so I CO with a 10 when I make hats, and the pattern calls for size 6. So you may try a 10…

The turtleneck looks beautiful!

Yep, at least 8s, and if that doesn’t work try 9s, 10s…


Also, how are you binding off? Are you binding off in rib, as I understand this makes a slightly stretchier bind off than just in knit or purl alone. My book of finishing techniques says “have you ever worked a neckband, bound off and then struggled to fit the garment over your head? This is a comon mistake that often occurs when you do not bind off in rib or if you bind off too tightly”.

Also, though this book doesn’t have it (I seem to have ordered the wrong book :frowning: ), there is another bind off where you put the purl stitches on one needle and the knit stitches on another needle and I think you do something like kitchener. This is supposed to be the stretchiest bind off.

You might want to try doing a regular chain b/o “in pattern” (knit the knits and purl the purls) with larger needles first and see how that turns out. Kitchener (aka tubular) b/o is great-looking (my favorite for single rib), but can be a little tricky, and could end up being too tight if not done with a light hand. Anyway, I’m not sure that’s 1x1 rib. (There’s a double rib version, but that’s even trickier, and not as nice looking because it slants a bit.)

UPDATE: well I took out the BO and redid it with size 9’s, but it’s not working out, so I’m just gonna chalk it up to education and go from there.

would doing the bind off with a crochet hook help?? or else you might have to frog the neck and add more stitches

That’s too bad! Hopefully you don’t have to rip the whole thing. Maybe it can be a crew neck instead?

Well, I haven’t ripped it out yet, my wife suggested that I recover the yarn, and I’m sorta thinking about just rippin’ out the turtleneck and repicking stitches and put a short border on it in a 1x1 rib, or perhaps garter. Either way, I’ve learned a LOT about making sweater-like objects from this one project.