Sweater Help Please

ok I am doing this Pattern here http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/kwet-CsweaterJacket.html now I got the back done no problem. The pocket lining was no problem. My problem is with this line here.
Join Pocket Opening with pocket lining:Next row(WS): P across pocket lining sts to last st, purl one pocket lining st tog with one Left Front st, keeping pocket lining st on top of sweater st, then purl across rem sweater body sts. Work even on sweater side body/pocket lining sts to match length of pocket opening, ending with RS row.
Ok so I got the purl across the pocket lining thing no problem and purl one stitch with the body stitch and purl across the rem sweater front. The problem I have is what does the next part mean? do I put the lining stitches back on a holder and just stitch the body stitches or what. Please help this newbie. This is my first sweater I am knitting. I have crochet plenty of sweaters but I am trying to branch out into the wonderful world of knitting.

Work even on sweater side body/pocket lining sts to match length of pocket opening, ending with RS row.

I’ve been looking at this since last night, and without it in front of me, it’s hard to say. I hope you’ve figured it out by now.

That said, I think that you should continue working the lining stitches together with the sweater body stitches–don’t put them back on a holder. They liner will be attached to the sweater front at this point. The space left is the pocket opening. Does that make sense for what you have so far?

:muah: Thanks Ingrid for trying but no I haven’t figured it out. I even e-mailed LLionBrand and they were no help at all totally didn’t understand what I was asking. so thats okay I am going to give up on the pocket and I can make the front panel without a pocket I will just continue even all they way up right over the spot the pocket was supposed to be. Thanks for trying to help me though.

Yeah, pockets are overrated, anyway. :teehee:

Yeah there is no sense :wall: about it. The sweater is for a three year old anyway they don’t need pockets they just fill them with rocks. :teehee:

I can SO see this in my head (I think!) but have no clue if I can explain it without causing more confusion! Here goes:

You need to think of the front as kind of 2 pieces at this time, since you have made a slit for the pocket. You are ignoring the main portion, let’s call that the center body, for now (it’s on holders), and knitting to make the lining and side body (those 4 stitches on holder) the same height as the top of the pocket slit so you can join them. So…

After you purl together the last stitch of the lining and the side body stitch (where you had previously put 4 st on holder), you would purl across the remaining 3 st that had been on the holder. The lining will be basically laying on top of (overlapping) the center body, with the bottom edge on the center body and the lining parallel. You then just go back and forth over those 3 edge stitches AND the lining stitches, until the height of that side body/lining piece is even with the top edge of the pocket slit (“Work even on sweater side body/pocket lining sts to match length of pocket opening, ending with a RS row.”). Leave them on the needle or holder, you will be joining here in next row.

Once they are all the same height (center body and side body/lining), you will go back the center body piece, purl across and then join the last stitch of that center body piece to the free edge of the lining (the last stitch you made on the side piece/lining), then just finish the whole row across the lining and the edge stitches. Now the center body and the side body are all one piece again and you just continue up the length of the sweater.

This part of pattern kind of explains your dilemma:


Make Left Front before Right Front to determine buttonhole placement. Each front is worked in one piece to bottom of pocket slant, then divided for pocket shaping and insertion. Pocket lining is joined to side front and worked to height of top of pocket slant. Pocket lining is joined to side front and worked to height of top of pocket slant. Pocket slant shaping is worked on center front sts. At top of pocket slant pieces are rejoined and remainder of each front is worked in one piece. ***

Pockets are a must for me so I’m familiar with this concept. If you have access to the ‘Vogue Ultimate Knitting Book’ or the ‘Big Book of Knitting,’ both have pictorial instructions on how to do a slanted/diagonal pocket. Not all the difficult. (Plus, they look great!) But, if you opt against the pocket, and decide later to add them, you can easily do a patch style.



That is exactly what I was thinking I will just add patch pockets after and maybe try some slant pockets later when I get a bit better at doing a few things with knitting.


If you decide to do a patch, consider putting the opening to the side to warm little hands and don’t so readily hold things (like rocks!).


Hello–I am brand new to this site, but found the next question to my sweater making here. I am actually the step before this–pocket slant shaping. Could MommaG, or anyone, tell me where I can find out how to do this? I am up to the part in the pattern that states to rep. the last 2 rows, until 11 sts have been dec’d. Hmm, I can’t figure out how they came up w/ 11 sts. Is the ssk 1 & the p2tog 2? Reading ahead, I am completely lost on the joining of the pocket–are there any sites(maybe this one) that show how to do the joining? Thank you so much–I’m off to post an intro. now.

SSK and P2tog both take 2 st and decrease them into one.

The instructions direct you to do those 2 decrease rows until you have decreased 9 st, so do the 2 decrease rows 4x, then the first row only of the decrease set. This will end you on a RS row as directed and leave you with 7 st (you put 4 of the 20 on a holder in the “Pocket Opening” row of instructions).

Oh thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to get the kids off to school to try it:cheering: