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I am at a loss on how to go forward. This is a pattern called Haralds Jumper from ravelry. I copied the directions from the pattern below.
If I am to place the first 54 stitches on hold with leftover yarn how am I supposed to cast on 4 stitches? When the directions say (right sleeve) is it my right as I am looking at the knitted work? Am I supposed to be turning this work around and working in the opposite direction? Not a very experienced knitter as you can tell, mostly make blankets which do not have these issues. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dee

Divide the work into body and sleeves and cast on new sts at the underarms. Do so as follows:
Place the first 44 (44) 46 (48) 50 (52) 54 (55) 56 sts on hold on a piece of leftover yarn (right sleeve), cast on
4 new sts at the underarm with your preferred in-row cast-on method (such as the backward loop cast on
method), k 56 (60) 62 (64) 66 (68) 70 (73) 76 (front), place the next 44 (44) 46 (48) 50 (52) 54 (55) 56 sts on
hold (left sleeve), cast on 4 new sts at the underarm, k 56 (60) 62 (64) 66 (68) 70 (73) 76 (back).
There are now 120 (128) 132 (136) 140 (144) 148 (154) 160 live sts on the needle for the body. The beginning
of the round is now under the right sleeve.
Continue to work the body in stockinette stitch in the round on the 4.5 mm / 60 cm needles.

After you place the sleeve stitches on waste yarn, cast on your new stitches on the needle where the working yarn is. You should have knit to the place where the sleeve stitches are already. Here’s a video that might help you see what to do. She uses a backward loop cast on, I think you might like using a knitted or cable cast on better but the choice is yours of course.


Right sleeve is as you would wear the sweater.
I always pause for a moment when I get this sort of instruction as I have to hold the project up to myself as though I’m wearing it to make sure I get it the right way around.

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thanks so much for the video… since i am a visual learner it makes perfect sense

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thanks so much !

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