Sweater help - cast off?

Hello everyone,
I am working on my first sweater. The pattern reads

break off wool. now shape arm holes. 1st row- cast off 8, k to end. 2nd row - cast off 8, p to end 3rd row - k. tog., k. till 2 rem, k. 2 tog. 4th 4ow-p. 2 tog., p. till 2 rem., p. 2. tog.

I am so thoroughly confused I don’t know where to start. I cut my wool, then cast on 8 stitches next to it on the same needles? then knit something? then cast on next to that?? headesk any help is appreciated.

this is the pattern if it helps.

I think you’ve got a problem with knitting terms going, it’s easy to do.
Cast off = bind off. You need to bind off those 8 sts, not cast on more. Try doing a BO 8 sts and see how it works out.

Link to PDF https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ifWD2K-ENLOGloQlUyMVM2cWM/edit

Thank you for the response, I think I understand it better. I cast off 8, then or the rest of the row knit as normal? then on the second row cast off 8 and purl for the end of the row?

I think i went a little cross eyed at the 2 tog, i thought it meant knit everything together which led to confusion, but on further research I’m seeing its a decrease. facepalm

The pattern is hard to read and that doesn’t help. :slight_smile:

With the white (or whatever color you’re using) BO 8 sts, k to the end of the row and turn your work. BO 8 sts and p to the end of the row. Next row, K2tog, k to the last 2 sts and k2tog. The next row P2tog, p to the last 2 sts, p2tog. Decrease at the end of each row until you have 104 sts.

If you’re doing a solid color and have already cut the yarn, just start knitting with it again.

If you k1 and then work your k2tog and at the other end at the last 3 sts do k1tog, k1 and move your decreases in one st from the edge you get a nicer edge that’s easier to seam. You would do the same with the purl side decreases.

Thank you! i finally understand, sorry to have taken up so much of your time, I’m excited to get back to it.

Oh, good! I’m so glad I could help. There’s no need to apologize. I try to help by choice because others helped and still help me here. This is going to be a really nice sweater. Are you doing it in the colors shown? You can post a picture of your project any time you want, we love pictures.

ETA If I couldn’t have helped you someone else would have. Never hesitate to ask a question here.

Thank you! i’m so glad I found this forum and love seeing all the projects. Hopefully as I understand more I will be able to help also. I will definitely post a photo when I am finished. I am doing it as shown, including the stars! I like to dress vintage but have trouble finding sweaters, so if I manage this I have a very colourful to do list. xD