Sweater Gussets?

So im knitting a sweater which I have started and given up on for years because i run into stuff i cant figure out. I made it further then ever and now im stuck :zombie:

Its a gusset, and when i try to google it, i can only really find them for socks. Here is what its telling me to do.
Left Gusset and Shoulder[/U][/B]
KFB in first st, LLI under st just worked, knit to end - gusset 3 sleeve 42

I am currently sitting at 45 sts. This is correct, the last row i was at 43, then added 2 from the KFB and the LLI. I have no idea what i do for the gusset and how i get it down 3 sts?

Any information would be awesome!

I think—you’ve done it! The “gusset 3 sleeve 42” is telling you how your 45 sts are divided: 3sts are gusset, 42sts are sleeve.
Sounds interesting. Do you have a link to the pattern?

I think it means there’s 3 sts in the gusset (the incs and the stitch from the kfb) and 42 on the sleeve. You’re fine, go to the next row.

Oh great, thanks! lol, i always seem to over think it. I’m knitting the little red riding hoodie from Domiknitrix. Its a really great book! I dont have a link to the pattern unfortunately, but theres this


Thanks again! Hopefully i can keep at it and finish it! :knitting:

Very cute sweater which looks like a wonderful project to knit. Thanks for the link and, btw you noticed the errata for the sweater?