Sweater gauge Will this work?

I’m making Wicked, and I just did my gauge swatch. I’m way off. Instead of 18 stitches/4 inches, I got 21 stitches. The problem is, I’d have to go up a needle size at least to get it right, but I don’t want the fabric any looser. So, I’m thinking that I’ll just do the larger size. Because it’s a top-down raglan anyway, it’s pretty customizable. So, as long as I try it on to make sure it’s long enough, or not too long, at the arms, I should be okay, right?

On the same note, to make it even more confusing for me, I’m considering casting on the next smallest size for the neck, so it’s not as wide, and then increase more to get it back to the right number. Is there anything I should be aware of before trying this?

Thank you so much!

To get less stitches you could actually go DOWN a size. Would be worth a try.

No, you’d go up a size–bigger stitches, fewer per inch.

I think your on track with the size issues. I’ve done that with sleeves–make them a smaller size than the sweater. Since you can try it on as you go, it’s worth a shot.

Of course. Even after I read I thought…noooo…and then…ooohhhhhhh yessssss :slight_smile: Sorry PCwombat. doh!

Thanks! Hopefully it should come out okay. And, I can always shudder [I]frog[/I].

Susan, gauge confuses the heck out of me. I understand the whole principle, but when I start thinking of is it too big or too small or too many stitches or what have you, I almost need to draw a diagram to make sure I have it right. :slight_smile: