Sweater garter edge turns under

How do I fix a garter stitch edge on sweater front that rolls under?

Really? A garter stitch edge that’s rolling? That’s kind of odd. Usually people use garter stitch as a way to prevent rolling. Have you tried blocking it yet?

You could add a border, but try blocking it first to see if it lies flat. A garter edge will roll if the tension is tight or there’s not enough sts compared to the rest of it.

If you possibly haven’t seamed it yet that may take care of it. But sometimes I’ve found that a pattern just plain ole didn’t tell you to put enough garter to start with. If they say make 2 rows of garter stitch (which I’ve seen) I tell myself, “No way, then I’ll have to try to figure out how to correct it as an after thought and that is harder”, so I add more. I have been known to have to resort to adding a crocheted border to cure this problem. Depending on the type of project this can look fine, or not…