Sweater front shorter than the back?!

Hi again!
I really should never have picked up this pattern!
So after finally working out how to start shaping the V at the front, I’m now at shape raglan armhole. You’d think it would be simple, given that the back simply decreased one stitch at each end of the knit rows, pretty much! Obviously it’s a little more complicated, given that there’s the neck decreases to factor in, ( which I’ve not even begun to check yet!) But it looks to me like I’ll knit 7 less rows? Is that usual?!
The pattern is a free online Rowan slouchy lace sweater.
I’m at 130 rows, the same amount as for the back, before decreasing for the raglan armhole. And 51 sts. For my size, 14, the pattern reads as follows;
Working all raglan armhole decreases as set by back, ( I’m assuming that refers to either the psso, or K2, whichever end it is) , dec 1 st at raglan armhole edge of next [1] row ( that’ll be row 131), then on [0] foll 4th rows, (What do I do there?! I assume nothing? But do I count the 4 rows?), then on foll [28] alt rows (does that mean 56 rows? On every 2nd row?) and at the same time dec 1 st at neck edge of next and foll [5] alt rows, then on [11] foll 4th rows. 5sts.(I’ve not started working that out yet!)
If I don’t count the ‘[0] foll 4th rows’ I’m starting with 131 rows, then 28 alt rows = 56, +131=187 rows.
Work one row (row 188)
Next row K2,sl1,K2tog, psso, (row 189)
Next row P3 (row 190)
Next row K1, sl1, K1,psso (row 191)
Next row P2 (row 192)
Next row K2 tog and fasten off (row 193)
On the back, I’ve worked 200 rows, then cast off. Why am I now 7/8 rows short?
I’m beginning to wish I’d never started this, and gone to the store to buy one :persevere:
Thanks in advance to anyone who can make head or tail of this! :joy:

Yes, there appears to be a difference in the number of rows for front and back. It’s about 3/4 inch. The asymmetry in the sleeve cap may compensate for that and with the laciness of the pattern, it probably won’t matter.

You could always check with the designer or company.
Don’t be discouraged. You’ve gotten this far and the sweater is going to be beautiful.

Thank you salmonmac! That is the pattern I’m following! And I use that term loosely! :joy:
I did wonder about the asymmetric sleeves!
May I just clarify that I was right in my assumptions of the pattern, ie, do nothing on the ‘[0] foll 4th rows’, and don’t count them, and 'foll [28] alt rows means 56 rows?
Thank you for your words of encouragement!

Yes, you’re right. Whenever a pattern says 0 for your size, skip that direction completely and go immediately on to the next direction.
Twenty-eight alt rows or every other row is 56 rows total.

Thank you salmonmac. Now looking at the first row for raglan shaping, when it comes to reversing the shaping for the right side, ( if I ever get that far!) how do I cast off 3sts at the end of a row?! Or should I cast off 3 at the start of the next row?
I don’t think I’ll ever understand all of the tricks!

Yes, cast off at the beg of the next row. It may seem like you’re playing around with the pattern but the difference of one row or so is so small that it makes little difference.