Sweater for my oldest daughter

I promised all three girls I’d knit them a sweater. Here is the finished one for my oldest.
It’s done in Vintage by Barroco, in a pretty shade of blue that has a little bit of purple shading.
I used an Anne Nordstrom top down pattern.


Very pretty. She’ll love that. 3 grown daughters? I have 3 grown daughters and every once in a while I make each of them a sweater. One of mine is a purple fan.

Oh, it’s beautiful!
I wish I was one of your daughters. :teehee:

Really beautiful work. I love that shade of blue. What a lucky daughter!

so nice!

I love this sweater–such simple elegance will go well with just about everything. And I have to repeat what others have said: lucky daughter!!

It looks great and I love the color.:inlove:


Very well done! Perfect stitches!

Wow very nice work. I am too chicken to venture into buttons and plackets, you certainly master those. Your daughter is very fortunate to get such a gift made with love to cherish.

Where can I get the pattern? I’ve tried top down sweater before but I screw up the part where you start increasing for the sleeves and separating the sleeve so end up tearing it out.

This pattern looks exactly like the kind of sweater I would love to make.

I’m going to keep trying till I get it right!


What a lovely sweater! :inlove:

BTW, I like Berroco’s Vintage. It’s a nice yarn :thumbsup:

The pattern is an Ann Norling Adult Top-down Raglan. Pattern #60. There are several versions you can do from the same pattern, cardigan, crew, and v-neck in both the crew style and cardigan. It also comes with the stitch guide for different yarns which makes it much easier to get the correct gauge. I got the pattern from my local yarn shop, but you can probably find it online.

Neither one is really that hard to do. I’ve only been knitting about a year and a sweater with both was my first major project. Granted this one was easier and the knitting on of the ribbing was much smoother this time then with the first one. Buttonholes are fairly easy as well. I’m frtunate that I have a very, very supportive yarn shop available just down the road that can answer all my questions if I get stuck.

Thanks to all of the support from the members of this forum. You’ve all been a great help when I’ve gotten stuck on something. You are a great encouragement to keep on expanding my abilities and skills as a knitter.