Sweater for my granddaughter

This is a pattern from Plymouth yarns using DreamBaby DK yarn. The yarn is actually a little lighter in color than shows up in the picture. Thank goodness little ones things don’t take that long to knit!!

Looks like a good summertime top. I love the places where it changes stitches, it kind of sculpts it. If that makes any sense. Pretty color. Nice job on it.

Oh, that is so very cute! I really like this design and the color is fabulous. Plus, those little heart buttons are perfect!

No doubt this will generate a tremendous “ahhhhhh” response when worn by the recipient!

Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

'ooh la la!! Very gorgeous. Yes, I love knitting baby and child size things because they go so quick!!!

That sweater is adorable. It does have a sculpural element to it and it all works beautifully. Really well done.

Ooooo I likey like! This is a really cute design!!! You did wonderful work on it!!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Love it…and what a beautiful color![/SIZE][/FONT]