Sweater for my daughter

I finished a sweater I’ve been working on for my oldest daughter. This is a Drops pattern (GarnStudio). It is made from Berroco Peruvia 100% wool. DD is a little bigger/taller than me so I think it will fit her nicely. This is me wearing it though.

This is a close up that shows the pattern in the yoke and across the tops of the sleeves a little and the bone buttons DD got for her sweater.

That’s a beautiful sweater! Looks good on you, too!


Very Nice. I like the color. Looks like it would be nice and warm. My DD lives in Maine, I only wish I could knit a sweater for her- maybe one of these days.

It’s a beautiful sweater, and it looks lovely on you. I’m sure your daughter will treasure it.

stitchabit, how long have you been knitting? If you can make ribbing, and knit in the round I’ll bet there are sweaters you could make. A pullover is easy.

What a lovely sweater! Your knitting is so even and perfect. Do you have a link to that pattern?

beautiful work and a lovely colour.Lucky daughter,does she knit also?

Beautiful!!! She will absolutely love it!

It’s beautiful, Marigold! She will love it. Love the colors.

That is so pretty! Love the detail on it!!

Here is a link to the pattern at Drops. It is pattern number 71-1.

Someone asked if my daughter knits too. She can but has chosen other crafts as favorites. She got into making socks for a while when she was knitting. She has some vision problems that make knitting a little difficult for her. She is very crafty, more so than me, and her most recent interest is felting done without knitting or crocheting, just making the felt directly out of roving. She has only done one scarf this way but is wanting to learn more about this craft.

very nice)
I love the color)

ohhhhhhhh its superb, am sure its took a long time to do it …gr8888 courage …thnks for sharing

It took a little longer than 5 weeks and I didn’t work on it nonstop by any means. So it wasn’t that bad.

This is a beauty, Judy! You really did a great job, as usual! All of your knitting is DIVINE! Thanks for the close-up photo, too!

What a pretty sweater! I’m so loving the buttons :heart: