Sweater for kids

Hi All,
I am a newbie here and would like to be shared adorable patterns of sweaters for kids (smaller than 4 yo)

Thank you.
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Here is my lastest work and I named it "The girlie, cutie, and sweetie"

You can find more completed works on my fanpage: Demi-Dove


Are you selling your products? If so then please post in the proper forum and thread.

This forum is for blog threads only. If you want to share knitting that you are not selling then please go to the main page and post in the proper forum. If you’re just sharing a finished object that would be What’cha Knittin’.

Please respond so I know where to move this post if it’s not a blog.

Thank you,
Yep, I just wanted to share my finished work with everyone.
Please help move my latest post to the proper forum, I will be more careful with my next post.
Again, thank you.