Sweater finishing doubt

My doubt never ends with this sweater… this is the link:

I just finished the sleeves and I have a few doubts with the finishing. For the sleeve it says “Cont even until work from beg measures 5 1/4 " [13 cm] ending with RS facing for next row”. I used a different yarn to make the sweater and my gauge was pretty close but by the time I got to row 35 I was already past 5 1/4". Now will this be a problem as I have the raglan shaping next? Im assuming the only problem will be that the sleeve may become a little longer but my baby has long arms so that wont be an issue.

Now with the raglan shaping it says: Cast off 2 sts beg next 2 rows. How do I do this? I dont get the beg next 2 rows part…

For the finishing it says “Sew raglan seams.” Im guessing this to be the raglan edges of the sleeve to be sewed with the raglan edges of the sweater. How do I do the "pick up and knit 11 sts up right front neck edge. K10 from right sleeve, 27 sts from back dec 1 st at center and 10 sts from left sleeve. Pick up and knit 11 sts down left front neck edge. 68 sts.?

Thx… I really appreciate the help…

Cast off is the same as bind off, BO 2 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows (because you can’t BO at the end of a row).

The raglan seams are the edges of the sleeves which are sewn to the front and back edges. Then you pick up sts all around the neckline - with the RS facing you, start at the R front neck edge, p/u 11 sts there, 10 along the sleeve, 27 along the back (with a dec in the middle of that), 10 from the other sleeves and end with picking up 11 along the left front neck. There will be 68 sts total. There’s a video for picking up on the Advanced Techniques page; if not, it’s on the Tips page.

[QUOTE=suzeeq;1296104]Cast off is the same as bind off, BO 2 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows (because you can’t BO at the end of a row).

[COLOR=“Magenta”]I get the BO part, but what I dont get is once I BO 2 sts in the first row, what do I do with the remaining 45 sts? Do I knit the row or do I do the row 1 instructions that is given in the next line? After that do I BO at the start of the next row and then follow the row 2 inst for the rem sts??[/COLOR]


Yes, just knit across the row, then BO 2 on the next row and work across that row. Then do the next part, which is Row 1, then Row 2 which you repeat until you get down to 10 sts.

[COLOR=“Magenta”]Can you explain to me how to pick up the stitches? Around the enxk edge I have cast off all the stitches. Am I supposed to pick up those stitches?? I think they are more than 11…

You may have originally bound off more than 11 stitches around the neck … that doesn’t matter. You just need to pick up the number of stitches that the pattern tells you to evenly across the neck area. If you watch the videohere on KH about picking up stitches it will really help!

ok…so i pick up the stitches, knit them to create live stitches and continue knitting…

Pick up and knit sounds like it should be a two step process, but you can do it in one step. Hold the edge as if it were your L needle, insert the R needle into the stitch (pick up) then wrap the yarn around it and draw through (knit).

ahh…thats a great tip…thx…