Sweater family :D


So this is actually from a while ago, but I forgot to upload :sweat_smile:
I finished my cable sweater, but it turned out too small for my brother so I kept it
AND, I made another Entrelac sweater for my brother, since he liked dad’s one so much!
Now each family member has one hand knit sweater :grin: if I could I’d make sweaters for our dog and chickens too but I don’t think they’ll like it :joy:


Oooh-la-la, they are gorgeous sweaters, each and every one! What a lucky family to have a knitter like you.


Lovely sweaters - well done! It would take me years to knit just one of those.



I love all of them! Especially the one with chickens on the bottom.
I do know that some people have knitted little jumpers for rescued battery hens which have lost their feathers, and our dog (toy poodle mix) practically throws herself into her Christmas jumpers when they come out, but you know your pets best and I know not all of them feel the same about wearing things.