Sweater design for my measurements: In progress

I took my measurements on December 18 of last year from head to toe, every possible measurement I could need for anything I want to knit. I have decided to design a sweater fit specifically for me.

So here are the measurements I would take into consideration:
Neck circumference: 14"
Neck length: 5"
Shoulder width(tip to tip): 18"
Shoulder to wrist(basically arm length): 22"
Forearm length: 10"
Wrist circumference: 7"
Shoulder to elbow: 12"
Bicep: 14.5"
Forearm circumference: 12.5"
Elbow circumference: 11.75"
Bust: 40"
Underbust: 34.5"
Shoulder to bust: 10.75"
Bust to waist: 5.25"
True waist: 35"
Shoulder to waist: 16"
Low waist: 41.25"
Shoulder to low waist: 20.75"
Hip: 42"
Shoulder to hip: 23.5"

Because I want to have the sweater body end about 2 inches from the hip, I didn’t bother with back length. I didn’t bother with any other back measurements because if I knit to the circumference, it should fit regardless of back to front proportions. But just in case you have to know, until the hip, my back is at most even, usually smaller(only place where it really is even is at the bottom of my ribs(so basically at the underbust)) but at the hip my back is bigger than my front.

Anyway, I was thinking of knitting a turtleneck sweater and since my neck length is 5 inches and my neck circumference is 14" and my 1x1 rib gauge with US 8 needles and worsted weight yarn is 5 stitches/inch would I simply knit 70 stitches in 1x1 rib for 5 inches to match my neck measurements?

That would fit the measurements. Think about how tightly you like the turtleneck to fit? Are you going to have it fold over? Maybe you’d like it a little wider than knit to the exact measurement.

I try to pick up sts for a turtleneck last, work several inches and then try the sweater on. That way I can see exactly where the neck sits in that yarn and with those shoulders on the sweater and so determine the comfortable length for the neck.