Sweater Debacle?

Okay, so I’m knitting my first sweater jacket for my 2 1/2 year old son. I’m using the Accordion pattern by Leigh Spencer shown in the link: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall03/PATTaccordion.html

I finished the pieces and am blocking them right now. The thing I’ve noticed, though, is that the body (following the pattern for a size 3T) SHOULD BE 16" long, but mine ended up 18"…I guess that’s fine. My question, though, is that my sleeves are exactly 10", as pattern says they should be…is this too short for my 18" sweater? Should I increase the sleeves by 2" to compensate for the difference in body length? Is 12" enough? Shouldn’t the sleeves be the same length (or longer) than the body length??? HELP! Thanks so much!!!


If the chest measurement is correct for the 3T size, you could use safety pins to pin the sweater together and see how it fits. If the sleeves and chest are ok, how does the length look?
If it seems out of proportion for your son, you might consider ripping out and shortening it. I’m afraid that if you lengthen the sleeves and the chest is still a 3T, you’ll end up with a sweater with disproportionately long sleeves.
It’s a very good looking pattern and well worth getting it to fit.

The chest width is correct at 16". I have already connected the sweater at the shoulder line…would it be better to unravel from the bottom and add the red stripe 2" up? Doesn’t it still seem like I’d have a proportion issue with a 16" body length and 10" sleeves? Thank you so much for your help!


If you extend the sleeves, the sleeves will be in proportion to the length (although I always seemed to be turn up sleeves on kids’ cuffs anway). Looking at the ribbing in the body, I suppose you could block the body out a bit to a ~34" chest and call it a 4T. I think that would certainly be easier than adjusting the length the length from the bottom.

I’d look mainly at how it fits. Young children’s proportions are so much different than adults. Also, in the picture you’ll notice that the shoulder seam drops down a bit over the arm, so the actual fit of the sweater will be different than how it appears when you lay it out.