Sweater Curse?

Hey guys I’m addicted to this site!!! :inlove:

I have been reading several peoples post on how to do things trying not to double post questions and several times I have run across the sweater curse mentioned in passing conversation on here. I haven’t found out however what the sweater curse actually is. Can someone explain this to me???

Sitting on the edge of my chair for the answer to this mystery that has me confused, :thinking:
Thanks in advance Ashley

Ahh yes…the sweater curse

The sweater curse can be easily fooled. Simply knit a scarf instead. :roflhard:

The Sweater curse info you posted was great. Good read if nothing else. I don’t believe I will be knitting anything for my bf anytime soon, since he doesn’t wear sweaters or scarves. (Still stuck on scarves at this point anyway) but I just had to know the story behind the sweater curse.

Just for talking about it’s sake has anyone here been a victim of the sweater curse???


I haven’t–heck, I haven’t even completed a sweater for myself! :wink: I am curious to know about others, though!