Sweater Construction - tube sleeves

HELP! I am knitting a cardigan that calls for sleeves being knit in the round. The sleeves are joined to the cardigan (raglan) at the armhole and I’m having a hard time trying to figure this out. I’ve been directed to a drawing but it doesn’t seem to help - anyone know of a video or have a suggestion with getting this to work?

Sounds like you’ll have 2 tubes, and a straight piece for the body. They’re connected like this - oUo at the underam. There should be some underarm sts bound off or onholders on all 3 pieces. With a circular needle, knit across the front sts, then knit the sts of the first sleeve from the holder. Then knit the back sts, and the 2nd sleeve sts. I think there may be some posts explaining it in this thread, with some pictures http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76297 Even though the item is a pullover, the idea is the same’ it’s a long thread, you might start in the middle of it. It’s going to look really weird for a round or two, then when you start decreasing for the yok, it begins to look like a sweater.

Thanks so much for your help. Your suggestions combined with some others did the trick and I’m finally on my way to finishing the sweater.