Sweater confusion?

Hi, I am currently attempting my first-ever sweater, and am a little confused by some of the directions in the sweater. I have an email into the designer, but was hoping for the quickest response possible, as I can’t wait to keep working on it!

here is the pattern:

I have finished the cableing and am looking to attach it now to the body of the sweater, and am confused by the directions for how to do this:

Sizes S, M, XL Only:
Next Row [WS]: [P88[32, -, 59, -], m1] 1[5, -, 3, -] times, p to end. 178[198, -, 238, -] sts.

I am doing the sweater in Small, so hopefully that makes it easier to interpret for me.

Thanks in advance!

Well I have received a very much appreciated and prompt reply from the designer, so I have the rather simple answer to my question afterall, But I simply cannot figure out how to delete this post…

There’s no reason to delete a post. It’ll just drop to the bottom of the list if no one else replies.