Sweater Coat

Does anyone have a pattern for a sweater coat? They are quiet a rage this winter… wanted to make one instead of buying…

Thanks !

The Einstein Coat is a great sweater coat. There is a thread here in the knit along section.

Quite a few patterns online. Did you try googling?

Knittingpatterncentral has lots in their ‘Women’s Jacket and Coat’ section:


Don’t forget to check the knitting books at your local library. There are some fab sweater coats in the Vogue books.

Also, keep in mind that you can alter a cardi you like to whatever length you want.


Thanks Guys !! I tried the ones at knittingpatterncentral… Am looking for soemthing more like the ones I saw at JCPenny n Kohls this season. I like the idea of altering a cardi to the desired length… will try that.

What did the ones at JCP or Kohls look like? Perhaps you could post a link to a pic of what you’re looking for.

Perhaps something like one of these:

Knittingpureandsimple has one (referred to as a cardi)…


Here’s one posted on craftster…