Sweater bind off or decrease?

Iam knitting a sweater in the round with out a pattern so I really don’t know what to do . I have made it to the point where I need to start shaping the collar (just a regular round collar). My question is, Do I need to bind off the middle stitches or just do a decrease every other row? I forgot to mention it all stockinet.

I think that if you just start decreasing around the center, you will end up with a v-neck. If you want a rounded neckline you will likely have to cast off the center stitches and then decrease gradually up to the shoulders. It might be a good idea to look at other patterns that have a similar neckline to get an idea of what’s usually done.

Brave you for knitting a sweater without a pattern!!! :muah:

Thanx for the help. I already started the decrese so V neck it is.