Sweater and yarn

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I have a jumper that I bought. The colour varies from white to light pink to dark almost crimson. There appears to be black thread running through the yarn. I want to frog this sweater for the wool. Yarn: 98% acrylic, 2% polyester. It seems quite a chunky yarn.

Would it work as a all year round tunic style top?

From a written description of yarn, it is very difficult to answer your question, as it depends upon the climate in which you live, and how warm/hot you are as a person.
You might like to check the jumper you have purchased, as some are made in a similar fashion to woven fabric clothes - the fabric is made, in this case, knitted, and then the pieces of the garment are cut out and sewn up. If this is the case, your yarn will only be in short lengths, which may be frustrating to knit yourself.

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Variegated -Thanks, sounds good.


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