Sweater and blanket

Well, here is my first attempt at knitting an adult sweater. I learned alot. The most important thing, by far, that I’ve learned is that I should NEVER try to ‘tweek’ or change the pattern thinking I will make it easier. HA! At least not until I’m more experienced. But I do like how the sweater fits me and I especially like how the sleeves get skinny by my lower arms and wrists and I like how long the sleeves are. I DONT like how I attched the sleeves because to me it looks really messy.
I’ve also been working on a baby blanket for my grand son. It is a pretty blue, Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn and in a checked pattern. Fun!
Also, any advice on blocking sweaters? I have yet to do that and I am going to read about it before I do it but thought I’d ask you people first.

The sweater looks great, and I can see what you mean by the arms tapering down. I’m trying to achieve that on the sweater I’m currently doing. The color is very pretty, as well.

The blankie looks comfortably soft, your GS is a lucky little boy.

What’s next? :wink:

What what work! You’ve been busy! I’m making the same blanket in yellow for a cousin’s baby!


Both the sweater and the blanket look great!! I love the basket-weave pattern for afghans-so easy, reversible and pretty to boot. Oh, and perfect for girls and boys!

I’m sorry I can’t help on the blocking-I’m not very good at it myself :teehee: However, I am sure there are lots of people who can help!

They both look great! I love the colors in the sweater so pretty :yay:

Very nice work!!! Looks great… :hug:

I don’t have any pearls (or should I say purls?) of wisdom about blocking since I haven’t done anything yet that requires it but I am sure the wise knitters on here will have plenty to say that will be helpful.

The sweater looks good unblocked so I’m sure it will look great afterwards. The blanket is looking cute.