When we make swatches to check for gauge, are we to cut the swatch off the skein & keep the swatch, or are we to undo it & use it for the project?


That’s up to you, but I generally cut the yarn and then save it till I’m sure I won’t need the yarn. If I need it I have it then. Otherwise you can save the square for something else like an afghan someday or wind the yarn for some stashbusting project later.

You can do either. One way is to make the swatch from one skein, then start the project with a different one. Then if you need the extra from the swatch, it’s still attached to its own skein and you don’t have an extra end to weave in.

I don’t usually tear down my swatches. I think Suzeeq had a brilliant idea! Knit the swatch from the OUTSIDE of the skein, keep it attached to the skein it was knit from, start the real knitting from another skein…then if you need the swatch…tear it out then. Pull the yarn from the center of the ‘swatch skein’…and then the yardage at the tail end of the project will be the swatch. If you need it, use it!