:grphug: when you do swatches do you count the bind off and cast on edge as part of the swatch measurment:knitting:

No, I generally do a 4 or 5 inch square, and take the measurements from the stitches in the “middle” (since most gauges are "so many stitches or rows equals 1 or 2 inches, the 4 or 5 inch square is usually big enough). Don’t know if that’s the “right” way to do it, but it works for me.:wink:

ok mine say’s 20st =4" 28 rows = 4"so in the middle 2" =9 st by 13

When I do a gauge it’s usually about 5" by 5" square, and I measure the stitches from the center of the gauge. And if your gauge called for 20 st by 28 st for a 4" square, then you should get a 10 st by 14 st for a 2" square, and it would be 5 st by 7 st per inch. You don’t use the cast on or bind off to count your stitches, you start with a fully formed stitch to count off.

Yep, what Rose Fairy says. Sounds like you should go down a needle size to see if you get 5 sts per inch, you only have 4.5 sts. Don’t sweat trying to get both stitch and row count exact, it very often doesn’t happen. The stitch count is more important so aim for that.

thank you all for your help i think i got it now. thanks again i don’t know what i would do with out your help.