Swatch size off

My first sweater project - 16 st 24 rows should be 4 x 4 bu mine comes out 4 x 4.5. 16st is OK but I need less rows with this yarn and needle size. Can anyone tell me how to adjust for this. Is it the size of the needle? I really need to follow the instructions regarding #rows because I’m a beginner. Thanks in advance.

You may not be able to match both rows and sts. The crucial fig is sts. (Unless the patt has some kind of design feature to where not having the exact number of rows will really throw things off.) More often than not you can work around the row count because most patterns ask you to knit for X number of inches, rather than rows. What is the pattern?


Random stripes pullover sweater. It says skill level easy and is from Knitting Digest. I got it from one of the free pattern links. It does give measurements for the finished pieces, the front & back would be easy to drop the # of rows but the sleeves might be beyond my skill level right now.

Random stripes pullover sweater. It says skill level easy and is from Knitting Digest.

The exact name of the pattern is ‘Random Stripes Pullover’? (Didn’t find a match via google for that.) I found one on called ‘Striped Boatneck Pullover.’ Is that the one? If so, I can see where the need to match the stripes is important but the diff in gauge would be the same in the body and sleeves. If not, a link or pic would be helpful.

Have you tried changing your ndl by one sz to see how much diff that makes?


here is pattern link
Hope it works. I am using size 8’s to swatch (pattern calls for 7’s, yarn calls for 9’s so I guessed in between)

The random stripe sweater has very little shaping and no stripes on the sleeves like the one I found. (I was looking for adult pullovers.) You could easily add or subtract stripes in the body to achieve the length you want and being the sleeves are solid, just work them to the desired length or to match the length in the patt. Being this is for child it’ll most likely be somewhat loose like the one in the pic.

What gauge do you get with the 7s and 9s? How far off is your st, row count?

ETA: looking at schematic, you could adjust the sleeve length most likely in the section that’s worked even at the top (where it’ll join body). That’s my initial impression. You could certainly work it a bit long in both body and sleeves being the child will need a bit of length to grow into.


You could try a swatch with the size 7s; I’ve found that st gauge doesn’t change as much by going up or down a size as row gauge. CO about 20-24 sts and measure the 4" in the middle; edge sts tend to not be the same size as center sts and can curl under which may give a false measurement.

Thank ya’ll. I didn’t try to swatch with other sizes but started the project with 5s and just measured what I’ve done. 15st comes to 4" and 5 rows is 1". I CO the 58 called for and have knitted (St st) 10 rows so I measured in the middle. How am I doing do you think? Should I stop and rip and re swatch with the 7s? I don’t have 9s only 4,5,6,7,8,10s currently. I was kinda thinking if it came out a little big she would grow into it, it may take till Xmas to finish it anyway!!