Swatch Problem

My pattern calls for using a size 8 needle, the 4x4 swatch should be 18 stiches across and 26 rows.

When I did the swatch with the size 8 the 4x4 came out to be 18 across and 32 rows. How can this be???

If I up the needle to 9 my width will increase and I might make the 26 rows.

What would you do? The pattern calls for a certain lenght not a certain amount of rows.

This just doesnt’ make sense to me. The yarn is supposed to be a worsted weight, but it feels more like a baby weight to me.

As long as your stitch gauge is correct which it sounds like it is, you are good to go. Row gauge varies quite a bit more for some reason. Since your pattern calls for a certain length rather than a certain number or rows, you will be fine.

Thanks Knitqueen! You’re awesome!