Swatch in the Round?

If a swatch must be with the same stitch and needles as the knitting, how does one swatch in the round? The needles for the project would have too long of cord for a simple swatch of five inches or so. Do you also use the same stitch pattern as the garment?

Any ideas?


I would DEFINATLY swatch in the round, I have messed up sizing on a couple of projects because I didn’t take the time to do this, so learn from my mistake! You could always magic loop your swatch, if you don’t know how to magic loop there is a good video here. Good luck.

Thank you, Chrissy, I haven’t learned to do the ML yet! I guess that is a new technique to learn!

I would definitely swatch in the round-- your gauge can be very different from flat knitting. Here’s what you do:
Let’s say you’re trying to get 18 sts over 4"/10cm in stockinette stitch.
Cast on about 25 sts on your circs and knit them.
Then, slide the stitches to the other end of the needle, loop your yarn around (make sure to leave a very loose loop in the back so that it doesn’t affect being able to lay your fabric flat) and knit the next row.
Keep doing this until you have several rows and can get a good sense of your gauge.
This is a little messy, in that you have loads of these long loops in the back, but it’s really worth it because you are knitting every row, just like in true circular knitting, and will really get an accurate gauge.

I think I can follow that, Britty, thank you. the pattern is K2 P2 so I would be still knitting it in the round, but leaving a long loop between ending and joining, then?

If you’re going to be ribbing in the round, I don’t think you have to get crazy with a swatch. Swatching in the round is because you only knit for stockinette and never purl. With ribbing, you’re doing both, so it should be the same flat or in the round.

Thank you Ingrid, that sounds easier even yet! So I getta slack just a little on this one! LOL