Swatch - in the round

I want to give Picovoli a try (

This is the part about the swatch:

22 sts and 30 rnds = 4” / 10cm square in circular stockinette stitch (after blocking)

How do I make the swatch? Do I cast on 22 stitches, knit them in the round (DPNs?) for 30 rounds?

First of all, I usually swatch pretty big. If you are looking for a 4" measurement, I would make the swatch at least 6-8" wide. It also says to block the swatch, so think about that too.

I don’t usually swatch in the round. I usually use the needles I am going to use, but knit the swatch flat. But I’d be interested in hearing what the other knitters do. I only started making garments this year, so I never swatched before that.

You’ll want to swatch in the round if that will be your method of creating an item because you may find your gauge is different that way.

To get an accurate swatch measurement, you’ll want your swatch to be bigger than the dimensions that the pattern gives for its gauge. Also, measuring a swatch that’s actually made in the round can prove tricky – it’s a lot easier to measure a flat sample. You can simulate knitting in the round by doing what Ingrid suggests here.

By using that method of swatching, you are technically not knitting in the round BUT you will not be purling and that is where gauge difference often happen between knitting flat and knitting in the round.

So, I guess the point is to get a measurement that shows you what haapens when all your stitches are knit vs. something that’s knit + purl?

That makes sense. Earlier, something I read made me think it had to do with the needles being circ. vs. straight rather than how you actually make the fabric.

Though it might not be a lot for most people, we all do knit and purl at slightly different tensions, so to be accurate, they recommend doing the swatch the way you’ll be knitting.


I’m trying to make a swatch that’s flat by pulling the yarn across as was suggested. It’s ok so far, some of them are pulled a little too tightly but I made the swatch twice as wide as called for. Somewhere I read the bigger the swatch the better, so it should work =)

I am wondering, has anyone here made Picovoli? ( It is a tight fit across the chest, but is it tight all the way through the waist and hips? There’s not much on me to justify a tight fit on the chest so I am hoping to make it so it doesn’t stretch when it’s on (other than the sort of stretch that gravity has on fabric that drapes).

I made Picovoli. On me, it wasn’t even all that tight on the chest, and I have a big chest :oops: , didn’t even need short rows. The waist was just nicely shaped, it wasn’t tight. But that all depends on which size you make, too. I made the 36" and wished that I’d made a smaller one.