Swatch help please!

Okay, I did a swatch according to the instructions on When I measure the swatch, it is fine on the row height. But it is 1/4 inch too short on the width. So I’m thinking if I go to bigger needles it will be just right on the width, but too big on the height. Am I right? What should I do?!

Generally (my humble opinion) the width is more important than the height – if you get the width right, you can always add or subtract rows to make up for the difference in height.

Cool, thanks! Another one, it is okay to undo this swatch and use it for the next one, right?

Yes, width is critical, you can always add or subtract rows as you go.

Are you 1/4 of an inch off over 4 inches? I don’t know if you’ll get much closer than that!

You can swatch, de-swatch, and re-swatch to your heart’s content, dear. :wink:

It is supposed to be 4 inches, it is 3 3/4. So do you think I should bother reswatching with larger needles, or would it probably be too wide then? I’m starting to get confused! :lol:

I think that if you go up a needle size you’ll be way over. 1/4 of an inch over 4 inches is only 1/16 of an inch difference per inch.

I guess it depends on what size needle and yarn you’re working with. If you’re using very thin needles and yarn, changing a size will make a slight enough difference to try. If you’re using normal yarn and needles, and go up a size, it will be too big.

What is it you’re making? And with what?

I want to do a sweater, and I’m using Cascade 220.

Adding I’m using size 8 needles.

I don’t think going up to 9’s will give you that small an increase. If the measurements of the sweater are borderline smallish, you could go up a size.
Or maybe just knit a little looser.

You have to really decide what you want. If my calculations are correct, if you knit enough stitches for the pattern’s gauge to call for 16 inches in width, you could end up with 15 inches.

Anyone else with imput, feel free to jump in!

Okay, I checked the measurements, and the size I was going to do was cutting it close anyway. I’m sticking with the 8 needles, and moving up one size on the sweater.

Thanks so much!

:pray: I hope it works out for you!