Swatch for hat

I will be knitting a hat in the round for my son, so I need right size. To do a swatch checking gauge, would it be knit flat. Would that be accurate? Kind of hard to measure if I did it in the round. Thanks!

A swatch? What is this you speak of? :joy: Well, no the flat swatch is not exact because your gauge for purling may be slightly different. You can try this.

Lol! Yes…swatch new to me :slight_smile:
Since the brim of the hat is 2x2 rib, I thought
I would have to replicate that to be accurate.
What do you think? First time having to make a hat
fit someone. Stressful!

Honestly I’ve never made a swatch for a hat. Since they stretch they can fit a variety of heads and ribbing tends to be very stretchy. Are you using a pattern? Is his head average size?

That is really encouraging no swatch for your hats!
The pattern is below from Ravelry. I will be knitting the snowflakes and
The line above and below them, but eliminating the other design parts.
I am having him and my dil measure their heads, and I have
An old hat from both of them as well.

I have knit a number of hats without worrying about size since not for
A specific person. Some of them end up for a child’s size. In fact this
Hat, which I have in my projects on Ravelry I made and is child sized.
So I have bigger needles on order. U.S. 8.

Do you use smaller needles for the brim?

Here is the pattern

Cute hat! I don’t usually cast on with smaller needles, but many patterns suggest that. I would follow the pattern. Fair isle tends to pull in because of the floats which will also affect size. So by casting on with smaller needle it may be more even.

Oh that makes good sense. Thank you Jan for your sage advice!