Swatch Books

Do any of you make your own, or use swatch books? I just read that it is smart to keep a swatch book for specific yarns to take note of needle size and type. I thought this was fascinating idea and would make me not feel so much like it was a “waste” of yarn without reusing it.

I know some people frog their projects and reuse the yarn, or make blankets, but I am curious to know of any of you out there who actually do keep track of your needle size and yarn type in a book format?

Even if you don’t, how do you store your swatches - usefully?

I don’t. I just rip them out. I keep info on my projects on Ravelry including needle size and yarn. I like that it’s all in one place and isn’t collecting dust. :grin: I know I’d never go through them to find the answer…it would take forever. IF I was going to keep them I’d probably use them in a blanket, pillow or something.

I like the blanket idea too! It hurt me a little inside when I cut the yarn on my swatch today, but I did it. I love how the blocking turned out because I had never done that before, and this is my first time using natural animal fiber yarn, so it’s an awesome experience. I don’t think I will cut the yarn again from this cake that I have except to make my pattern. I only have one of this color!

Do you ever have any trouble with kinked yarn, or loss of elasticity?

Yes, some yarns tend to kink. It has to do with the way it’s spun I think. I’m not sure of a permanent solution. I just take the project and dangle the project to unwind it. It’s a pain, but what can you do.

One other thing is that if you twist your project a certain way when you turn it could kink. if you find it kinking try turning the other way every other row and see if it helps.

As for losing elasticity… yes some yarns do that, too. It makes it hard to reuse the yarn. I’ve heard you can dampen it and try to let it shrink back up, but I haven’t tried it.

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What a great idea. I’d love to do this. When I get some time I think I’ll make one. Tips on how would be great