Swapping stockinette for cable, how to adjust for size difference?

Hello all,
I’m knitting a second version of a cable jumper I’ve already done (Crowden by Sarah Hatton). The cable pattern is on front and back, but this time I want to do the back in stockinette. How would I go about adjusting for it being inevitably wider than the front? It’s a loose fit, straight up and down, modified drop sleeve (only three stitches bound off at either side at the armholes). Btw I am not good at maths!

If you know how wide the back needs to be (there may be be a schematic with measurements on, if not you can use the width of the front to measure the width wanted) and you work a good sized swatch in stockinette then you will be able to work out how many stitches are needed across for the back.
The maths is not too hard but people here will help if you get stuck.

If you make a swatch 20cm by 20cm you can more accurately measure a 10 x 10 cm square in the middle to find out the gauge.
Number of stitches in 10cm divided by 10 then multiply by the number of cm you want the back. The answer is number of stitches for the back.

I would keep the rib section as stated in the pattern and alter the number of stitches at the transition between rib and stockinette body.
The change in number of stitches can be worked evenly across and there is an online calculator you can use for that.

If you already know the measurement you need and the gauge of your swatch you can post the numbers for someone to check.

You might also check you like the fabric in that size needle as your tension may well be different between working lots of cables and a straight stockinette. For example you might want a slightly bigger needle for the back if this makes the 2 fabrics look better together.

Thank you! I know the size needle, it’s my default 4.5mm I always use for 8ply, and for a change that’s the size the pattern recommends, though I’m not using their yarn this time or last time. There’s a good chunk of stockinette at the side of both front and back that may work in lieu of an actual swatch, and I’m already fifty rows up. Hmm, something to go on! Cheers, most appreciated.

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