I was wondering if the people of this forum ever do swaps?

IE you get the name of someone on this forum and knit something for them (set a price limit, have an item that everyone wants to swap, etc…)

If anyone would be interested in doing a swap I would be more than happy to arrange it.

ETA: this wouldn’t be a swap where you know what exactly you are getting… say we agreed on swapping scarves you would say what colours you like, anything you dont like (whether it be colour, or particular yarn - ie wool) and than the rest is up to the person who makes it for you. and you have the same guide lines for what you make for your person

There are swaps all the time over in the KAL board. Most of the time they are yarn swaps but I’m sure you would find players for almost any kind of swap hosted.

Yep, check the KAL forum for that. Most of them have a start and end time so you’ll have to check and maybe wait till the next one starts. :thumbsup: