Swap 2 skeins of lorna's-DONE

i ordered some lorna’s bee stripe from the frantic knit2purl2.com sale, but was sent sassy stripes as a replacement. it’s cute, and i like it, but i already have two skeins in the same colorway! so… anyone want to swap two skeins of lorna’s shepherd sock in bee stripe for sassy stripe? or make me an offer! :slight_smile:
i have two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Sheperd Sock in ‘sassy stripe’ a bright pink and orange striping sock yarn. I’d like ‘bee stripe’, but make an offer :slight_smile:
(this pic is a pretty good show of the color)

Gosh thats cute.

:heart: yes it is! i do like it, just don’t want two pairs of socks in the same colorway :rofl:

Is it something I could look for you at my lys? I know they have some Lorna’s and I am headed there tomorrow for their grand reopening anyway.

i was hoping to just swap. as i got this on sale, and i can’t afford to buy anymore, i figured an even swap, skein for skein, would be fair :shrug:

Well if I find it we can swap. One day I am really going to try socks.

:happydance:awsome! let me know if your LYS has it!!! you are fabulous :muah:

I cant help it…

PMing you…