Swallowtail shawl

does anyone know if i can purchase the pattern for evelyn clark’s swallowtail shawl (interweave knits, fall 2006) online, without purchasing the whole magazine and paying for shipping too? i’ve looked a little bit and haven’t found anything, but i thought i’d ask here in case someone had seen it for sale anywhere online.


That’s the only place I can find it… She does have a websitewhere she sells some of her patterns but that isn’t one of them…you might be able to e-mail her and see if it will become available a different way…a lot of time they will show up on Knitting Daily…you could e-mail them to and see if they plan on having it…You could also check with your local library and see if they carry back copies or local yarn stores…:thumbsup:

Interweave just lanuched their new online pattern store – I’m sure it will show up there soon. :slight_smile:

great news! i’ll keep an eye out for it there!