Swallowtail shawl

I started knitting the swallowtail shawl from Interweave Knit’s fall 2006 issue. The pattern says to knit the “budding lace 1” chart once (27 stitches) and then knit the “budding lace 2” chart 14 times total (195 stitches). I don’t get 195 stitches. I’ve decided to start over but I don’t know what went wrong. Has anyone knitted this pattern or has any idea of where I went wrong?

Sounds like you’re knitting a really long edge.


P.S. Ooooooooh, that’s VERY pretty! Good Luck!

I haven’t knit that shawl but I have knit a lot of others. A good thing to do is to figure out how many stitches you should have at the end of each row and write it down somewhere if the pattern doesn’t provide it. Then check after each pattern row to make sure you have the right number of stitches before going on to the next row.

Usually if the count is off it’s a missed YO or you may have put one in where it didn’t belong. Those are easy to correct if you find them right after you did them.

When I begin the chart I start with 27 stitches and if I follow the chart I end up with 31. If I were to repeat the chart 14 times total than I would still only have 31 stitches. There are two sections that are highlighted as a “pattern repeat”. I not sure how often I should repeat this section. I counted down and if I repeat it 13 times I only get around 120 stitches.

You start with 27 stitches, and after the first row of the second chart, you’ll have 31. After row 3 of the chart, you’ll have 35; after row 5, you’ll have 39.

When you repeat row 1, you’ll work across the first 6 stitches, then the pattern repeat twice, the center stitches, the chart repeat twice and finish with the 5 stitches. That will use the 39 stitches from row 6.


It looks like on each chart repeat you expand on the outer edges, and when you start row one again, you do another pattern repeat.

Thank you so much!!!


After looking at the pattern for this again, I started making it. I’m working on the third chart. :happydance:

I want to make this so bad… after Christmas when I can find the right yarn for it… :teehee: