SW (slip wrap)?

I’m making these - www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70243A.htm - socks and I’m not sure how to go about doing the slip & wrap it’s calling for in the heel shaping. The instructions call for it are: [B]Bring yarn to front of work, slip next st, turn, wrap yarn around slip st and slip sam st back onto right hand needle. On next row, work wrapped st by picking up wrap and working together on left hand needle.[/B] Sounded easy til I tried it. I must not be wrapping the stitch right b/c when I slip it back onto the right needle it’s just the stitch with the working yarn crossing in front of the needle, soooooooooooooooo, how d’ya do this?

Oh - and for an off-topic how to, how do you make words & pics lead directly to a website? I.E., ‘I’m making [COLOR=“Magenta”]these[/COLOR] socks’, and being able to click on ‘these’ to take you directly to the site?

That’s also called a wrap and turn, because you wrap the yarn around the slipped stitch, turn and work back along the short row. There’s a video here in the Advanced Techniques that shows how to do it. It’s called Short Row with Wrap towards the bottom.

You’re doing a ‘wrap & turn’. Amy has video http://www.knittinghelp.com/apps/flash/video_player/play/12/1 here.

You’re going to bring the yarn to the front, slip the next stitch and bring the yarn to the back and put the stitch back on the needle, then turn your work. You will have a strand going around that stitch. This prevents a hole when you do short rows. You’ll knit it together with the stitch it’s around later on.

And just to be absolutely sure so I don’t have to frog (makes me cry… :wink: ) When I start to shape the heel I’ve got 17 k stitches on my needle (I’m doing the 1st size in the (). The next instructions are:
Row 1 (WS): P16, SW next st, turn

So - do I purl that 17th stitch & use it as the wrapped stitch or do I leave it unworked?

Slip the 17th without purling it.

Hi Newbie2Knitting,Ingrid,and Suzeeq. I am also doing a Lion Brand sock pattern and am also having problems understanding the SW. I now understand the slip wrap turn by watching the video Ingrid suggested. But am stuck where it says “Work wrapped st by picking up wrap and working together with st on left hand needle”.
I start out with knitting 19 sts for heel then for Row 1 (WS): P18, SW next st, turn.
Row 2 K17 sts, SW next st, turn.
Row 3 P16, SW next st, turn.

Ok, When I do Row 3 and P16 I end up with the next stitch being the one that I am supposed to SW, and then there’s the last stitch left on the left hand needle that I had SW on Row 2.
So my question is : After I SW the 17th stitch how do I pick up wrap and work it together with st on left hand needle like the directions say?