SW and Turn

So I’ve been working on a pair of baby socks (pattern by Lion Brand) and once again, in their infinite plan to confuse the public, Lion Brand has made what could be a fairly simple explanation for a stitch really confusing.

I’m not new to reading patterns by any means, but I am new to this type of turning the heel. The explanation given on the pattern is no help for the slip stitch, wrap, and turn deal. I had to look elsewhere online to understand how this process was actually done. Ok, so the wrapping isn’t confusing me anymore; what is confusing me is when the pattern says continue sw&t to the stitch right before the previous wrap. Ugh, I just don’t see how this is supposed to help turn the heel. Did they just overly confuse me and mean to say something to the effect of purling and knitting two stitches together? :gah:

It should work, just differently. I’d keep going and see how it looks.

Hi, Wildfire,
I have never joined a Forum before, so please bear with me. I think I am working on the same Lion baby sock pattern that you mention in your post. I have looked high and low in my books and on-line for an explanation of SW (slip and wrap) and also to no avail. Would you please be so kind as to share with me how you found out how to execute the stitch properly? Thank you so much.

Welcome to KH & even though I’m not Wildfire: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/advanced-techniques

This is a video on How to do Wraps and Turns. (It is way down the page)

I don’t think I can explain it at all, but I learned the technique while doing this pattern, and between the pattern instructions and the video posted above by knit2betied, I found it fairly easy. Well, honestly, I couldn’t see how it was going to work out until it did, but I was able to follow the directions and have it come out right. Hope this helps!

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I still don’t know if I’m doing it properly as my finished section came out with huge holes in the fabric. I get a migrane thining about it, but I think I tried working it and then ripped back about 5 times. There is a video on youtube by catbordie or something like that where she shows how to do the wrap and turn in a rainbow colored yarn. Just search for wrap and turn and you should come up with it. Other than that…

All the pages I visit say that you should bring the yarn connected to the ball to the opposite side of the work from the stitch you are working (knit - move yarn to front/ purl - move yarn to back) then slip one stitch to the right needle. Bring the yarn back to the original side and then put the stitch you slipped back on your left needle and turn your work.

What gets me is that in the video I mentioned, she is using multicolored yarn and can see her wraps fairly easily. I am using Caron’s dark green color and couldn’t see any of my wraps. My suggestion would be to pay attention to which stitch you are wrapping so you know where it is, but I was suprised to find that the heel of the sock was curved… I enjoy short rows a lot more.