Suspended bindoff?

in my continuing frustration with too-tight bind offs, i’ve been trying the suspended bind off, and i keep running into an ‘am i doing this right’ moment.

all the text for how-to is essentially the same: “Slip one stitch, knit one stitch, *insert left needle tip into first stitch on right needle and lift the first st over the second, leaving the first stitch on the left needle, knit the next stitch, then slip both stitches off the left needle-two stitches remain on right needle and one stitch has been bound off. Repeat from * until no stitches remain on left needle, then pass first st on right needle over the second.” (

but the pictures and videos on multiple sites show most people putting their right hand needle all the way through the stitch on the left hand needle when knitting, at an almost perpendicular angle. is that because of the awkwardness/tightness of the stitches where there’s less maneuverability? or are they actually knitting through the back loop, or some other oddity? some of the tutorial makers were so exaggerated with the movement, it almost looked like how to do a cable cast-on, going in between stitches and pulling through new looped stitches.

Yes, the problem is exactly as you’ve said. There’s tightness because you’ve knit the first stitch on the LH needle but haven’t dropped it off the needle. Knitting into the second stitch is just that, a normal knit through the front loop.

If you can find this episode of KnittingDailyTV, Eunny Jang shows some stretchy bind offs and does her usual wonderful job of explaining them.

(The whole series is so informative.)

ok, thanks for the update. i’ll just keep working at it :wink:

I have to try this bind off. Usually of late I just do the k2tog tbl lace bind off or do it in pattern. If you’re not familiar with it:

Knitted Lace Bind Off
Russian Bind-Off in Pattern - this one seems to have less stretch but it still does me fine for socks.

thanks for those links. i’d seen that russian bind off video before but forgot to save it. the knitted lace bind off looks easy enough too. i think i’ll just need to practice, and maybe use a lifeline on my next project’s bind off, so if i don’t like it, i can frog just that row/round. my other thought was to use a provisional cast-on, then go back and bind off the beginning the same as the end, then at least they’d match.