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Hi Everyone!

Here is the Blnaket I’m putting togather for our son. Shh, :fingerwag: a secret. He’ll get it for Christmas. :heart:

I get some sqaures stitched togather and then I got back to knitting the squares. again.

Let me know what think!


Now I have a qwuestion for everyone and anyone who comes here.

How do you keep your hands from getting sore and stiff?

My chiropractor said I need to do STRETCHING Excerices with my hands.

He said they get cramped from holding Knitting Needles so long in a GRIP. That I need to let my hands loose and stretch them by OPENING MY HANDS FROM A FIST ,WITH A TIGHT RUBBER BAND for RESISTANCE.]


take lots of breaks and do some stretches. even though I’ve been knitting for a few years now, my hands still cramp if I knit too long without taking a break.

hope your hands feel better!


my hands dont hurt can not help u there. but i just want to say i got a knited blanket from my mom when i was little and i still have it its my fave thing. so thats such i nice thing to do.


I’m sure I’ll be taking lots of breaks. I have my rubber band next to my knitting down stairs. It seems to be helping when I do that stretching excercise.

And I use lots of Gold Bond Hand Creme, The Shea Butter one. I love that stuff. Smells good too.



That sounds great! That you still have it.

Michael is 27 and erady to move into new place of his own. So I thought I would make this for him and give it to him as Christmas Present.


[B]I’m now quite refreshed and am working on another project. BUt a very small one.

I sa a pttern for a REMOTE HOLDER, so I’m making 3 of those. ( we have 3 remotes )

[B] Do you ever start one projecy and then desides to start another while still working on the first one? Or am I the only one.


[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Good Morning!

Today is SO CLOUDY out. But nice. when it’s cloudy, I love knitting on the front porch so Sissy ( my Maltese can be outside with me.

Tonight I have a meeting with the Knit Wits at the library. I’ll take all of my knitted sqaures and stitch more togather.


[B][COLOR=“Navy”]I just got home frm Lambikins Hideaway. It was nce. But that place is quite expenisive. They had a sale today. I got some yarn for 50 % off. :slight_smile: Now that is my kind of price!


HI Susan, welcome to blogland! I do have trouble with my hands getting sore and I’m so glad you mentioned the rubber band thing. I have one, and I hadn’t even thought about it–it was my mother’s when she was staying here with her back. She used it for her stretches and got better and moved back to her house (yes, at 92!) so now I’ll use it everyday for my hands. I wake up every morning with SORE [B]very[/B] SORE hands! I know it’s because I knit too much–I have Fibromyalgia, and I’m sore all over a lot. SO now, I at least have a new secret weapon for my hands!!:cheering::cheering:

I know your son’s gonna love his blanket! I’m doing a log cabin baby blanket in blues and tans and cream for my nephew’s bay – due in September–so I’m knitting very much on it. I’m also knitting away on another raglan sweater for my 3 month-old granddaughter and a Bolero for my daughter-in-law. I have the yarn for a sweater for my Son, and one for their little 3 year-old boy, who is one of the apples of my eye! SO, you can see, I love knitting and love to talk about it. Hope you don’t mind my talking so much in YOUR blog!:wink:

By the way–I KNOW the pain of the cost of yarn, too. I look for sales everywhere–mostly on the Net because I don’t have a LYS.:wall:

[B]HI Trudy/ Ellen,

I don’t mind you getting on my blog at all! Your more then welcome anytime.

Our son finally figured out that the blanket is for him. They came home yesterday and I didn’t hear them walk in the house.) ( When I say THEY, I mean my son and husabnd )Anyway, I was sitting on Micahel’s bed upstairs, laying the squares on his bed, to make sure I had enough of them to cover his bed. Then started stitching them togather. So he caught me in the act… SORT OF…

He said he liked it, but would rather put it on his sofa. He still likes his comforter.

I have been reading a book called THE YARN HARLOT. It is so funny! If you haven’t read it, you should try it. I bought mine on amazon for 63 cents. It’s perfect.

I hate the sore hands. I still use the rubber band excerise. It helps! I also use Aleve! :slight_smile:

Thanks for writing. Hope to hear from you again!


[B]I just finished knitting a Poncho for our neice. I had enough yarn left over to knit a hat for her to match!

Take a look!!!


[B]So now of course I’m already working on sometihng else. Actually 2 tihngs.

Michael’s blanket has turned in to throw for his sofa. He tol me he wants it on his sofa instead of his bed. So I’m changing it a bit. It will need to be sized a bit different also.

Then I have a scarf I’m making. The pattern takes more thinking, so I only work on it when I’m home alone and it’s quiet!


[B]What is everyone else working on?[/B]

[B] Woo Hoo! Tonight I meet with the Knit Wit again! It’s so fun to have friends that love to knit and talk. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll take the scarf I’m knitting.


[B]I didn’t have time to type much last night. I had a Knit Wits meeting to go to. Had a good time, but it was cut short.

We had some storms so I went home early. BUt we NEED the rain. :slight_smile:



I have a NEW Free Pattern for anyone who wants to try it! They just put on at Knitting On The Net.

Here it is, ENJOY!


I thought your name was Susan? That says it was designed by Barbara Breiter…? Or is one of them a “screen name” sorta thing? It’s a very pretty shawl/scarf!