Susan Gordon Lydon died!

Here’s an article abour her here:

Here’s a link to her knitting books:

I’m so sad, I love her writings. I didn’t even know she was sick. :frowning: :crying:

She sounds like an incredible woman. Her knitting books look very thoughtful, I’m curious about them, how they tie in knitting with spirituality. She also sounds like an accomplished journailist.

Thanks for paying her tribute here Feministmama.
It’s hard to loose a hero. :crying:

Have you read her knitting books, or mostly just her other work?

Ya know I only ever heard of her from The Kniting Sutra book. I had no idea she was a founder of Rolling Stone and alla that. I wrote a paper about women and spirituality a while ago and used a LOT of references from that book. She will be missed…