Susan Bates Sock Set - Which Size is Which?

I picked-up the Susan Bates Sock Needle set a while back … I was able to figure out which one was the size 1 (I think! :lol:), but I cannot figure out which of the other ones are the other sizes - they’re too small and too close together!

Anybody know which colors are which sizes?

In my set, the “paler” goldish colored ones are the biggest (1), then the golder gold colored ones next size smaller (0), then reds (00), then blues (000).

Doesn’t make much sense to have two sequential sizes so close in color!

Hmmm…I did just try putting the largest size through my Boye brand needle sizer and it easily went through the 0 and was way loose in the 1 hole, and 0 is the smallest size my gauge goes. And aren’t Boye and Susan Bates both made by Coats & Clark?

I wonder if all sets would be colored the same though. :??

Cool - thank you! :slight_smile:

Boye is made by the Wrights company.