Survivor Fans

Are there any Survivor fans out there? I’m in the Survivor Season 16group at Ravelry, but thought there might be some fans here who are not on Ravelry yet who might want to “discuss”.

I like survivor. It’s sort of my guilty pleasure :teehee: Off to look for the ravelry group :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone else think Johnny Fairplay just wimped out, or is it just me? He was all into it until he realized no one liked him and wouldn’t fall for his tricks so he made some excuse to go home. He knew what the game entailed so I don’t buy that he just missed his girlfriend and baby.


Last night’s show was AWESOME!

As far as Mr. Fairplay goes…I think he tried reverse psychology, and it backfired on him. Everyone saw it as an excuse to vote him off, although some of them were onto his game.

As much as I love Survivor, the last couple seasons have been a bit boring (but I still watched!), but last night was [B]so[/B] good! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the Favorites or the Fans to win the challenge! I’m glad the Fans did, and I’m glad JF went home! I can’t believe his teammates KNOW the game, have watched him before, and STILL believed anything he said. :doh:

I couldn’t figure out if Jonny Fairplay was up to some elaborate scheme or what, but I’m glad they voted him out in the end. Heck, who knows if he even HAS a girlfriend. He said his very much alive grandma died last time!

I’m glad Jonny Fairplay is gone! Couldn’t stand him the first go-round. The real bonehead thing is that even though they voted him off it’s not like he’s going home. They have to stay in a hotel at the island until the whole thing is finished. He wouldn’t be seeing the girlfriend for a month in any event.

I love Cirie - hope to see more of her. I bet Eliza might just break Cirie’s calmness - that girl can irritate anyone!

I really hope that Jonathan does better this time. Provided he doesn’t get whiney or annoying. He pulled a stupid move last time by not demanding that Yul use his immunity idol (but I digress - it still p*&es me off!). :grrr:

Glad to find a community of fellow Survivor lovers!!! Thanks Gang! :woot: