Surry Hills pattern by Maria Magnusson (Olsson)

Looking for assistance on following directions for binding off sleeves. I am at the point where it states On final row K until 6 sts remain, place next 12 sts on scrap yarn and then knit next sleeve. I have 44 sts all together of which 12 were increase. I guess I’m stuck at what do I do with remaining stitches after placicing 12 on scrap yarn as it doesn’t provide an explanation UNLESS I am not seeing it.

After placing the 12 sleeve sts on scrap yarn, you can place the rest of the sleeve on a separate piece of scrap yarn or on a spare cable from an interchangeable needle (something flexible). Knit a second sleeve and place 12sts on scrap yarn and the rest of the sleeve on hold as well.

The next part connects the sleeves to the body of the cardigan. It’s going to be a matter of knitting across the right front, then across the larger number of sleeve sts which are on hold (not the 12sts which will form the underarm), the back, the second sleeve and finally the left front. The 12sts on the sleeves and corresponding 12 body sts at each side will line up and form the underarm which will be joined later.

If that isn’t the problem, just come back and ask again. Thanks very much for the pattern link!

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Thanks for your fast response! I truly appreciate the help. :blush: