It seems no matter where I put my dpn’s, my three-year-old can find them and play with them. Today Emma, my daughter, decided that she wanted to stay home with daddy on his day off. Seeing it as prime bonding time, I agreed. When I got home however, a surprising sight caught my eye.

Apparently, Emma found my dpn’s…again…and decided to knit. Very carefully she wove the needles in the loops of the carpet. Not happy to just “knit” with one, she used up to six of them…all various sizes. When daddy asked what she was doing, Emma excitedly told him that she was knitting like mommy.

Now…how on earth do you correct something that cute? :???:

Hmmm, a three year old with sharp pointy objects would worry me a great deal. Three year olds aren’t exactly graceful or safety conscious.

I think I’d find a way to lock up my needles so she can’t get at them before she puts out an eye or something. (Geez, I sound like my mother :rofl: ).

As much as you love her think about how you’d feel if she were to fall on one and spear herself.

I’m assuming daddy was watching her- and I think its very cute. and very observant!! kids pick up on everything we do- even when we don’t think they are watching!!!

ps- maybe a chat about “mommy’s toys” and “her toys” is in order… but I really think it was cute…

Have you met a man? :teehee: Actually he probably was watching her, but not closely enough to know what she was playing with if he asked her what she was doing. :wink:

That is really cute, but do lock them up till she’s older. :hug:

:teehee: Jan, it’s so true! I ask my DH are you watching the kids… he goes “yes” but he’s not that close.

My daughter used to get into my needles as well… she is 3 too… so we dug her out a little bag that she liked and put a pretty color of yarn in it… I took some wooden needles that I had gotten with some kit and we filed them down for her… that seemed to help her cause she feels like she is knitting with mommy but with her own items…of course she just sits and wraps the yarn and tries to catch it but it’s a start…also the little bag hangs in mommy’s closet so she comes and gets us when she wants to use them… usually we are sitting together knitting…she is always knitting the same thing… a shawl for mawma…sometimes she will ask me to co on for her and get her started…but it doesn’t last to long :teehee:

Have no fear. The needles are now safely hidden in a locked area. :happydance:

Cool. I didn’t mean to tell ya what to do, some folks like kids with holes in them :shock:

[quote=Jan in CA;973817]Have you met a man? :teehee: Actually he probably was watching her, but not closely enough to know what she was playing with if he asked her what she was doing. :wink:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=sienna][B]People here are allways nagative towared men…We are not all the same…, but thanks a lot for the sterotype[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]


:rofl: Chill dude, they’re joking.

hehe, I once heard something along the lines of the difference between men and women, women are aware that they have a 2 yo daughter, a 6 yo son and a 8 yo son, men are just aware that they have a bunch of little people running around the house :roflhard:


Paul, we know all men are not the same. You guys who knit are the cream of the crop. :flirt:

I love my husband, he’s a really great guy! But man, if knit too… :passedout:

That is completely adorable!! :heart: